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GENTLE ANNIE and SPANDEX FOLKIE - two albums on one CD!


Gentle Annie
Anne MacFie

  1. Sweet Mama Freeway
  2. The Lady Was a Trouper
  3. Such a Wild Boy
  4. Love a Gypsy Woman
  5. Archangel
  6. Andy Pruitt's Honda
  7. Bittersweet Woman
  8. Not Lunch
  9. The Outlaw and the Schoolmarm
  10. I Love This Life


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Spandex Folkie
Anne MacFie

  1. Keeping Up with Traffic
  2. Sweet Music
  3. Have a Nice Day
  4. The Ballad of Harry Shelor
  5. A Folklorist Encounters Difficulty in the Field
  6. It Was Alice
  7. Love Will Find a Way
  8. Old Hippies Never Die
  9. The Mothman
  10. Sweet Tomorrow

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A Glass to Young Paul
A Solo Album Commemorating the Life of Paul Elsey
Anne MacFie

  1. The Little Engineer Who Never Was
  2. It's About Time
  3. In From the Cold
  4. Even the Moon Can Smile
  5. The Goodwife in the Brewery
  6. Saturday Morning to a Dog
  7. The Ballad O Orrin Browder
  8. Drunk as a Skunk
  9. Saw Cha-Cha
  10. The Life of an Engineer Lady
  11. It's Not Over 'Till It's Over
  12. The Darkness Before the Dawn
  13. Jellyfish in the Night
  14. How Are You?
  15. Funeral Flowers
  16. A Glass to Young Paul

$15.00 + $1.50 S&H

Janis Duley and Anne MacFie

  1. Sarah
  2. Give Us a Smile
  3. Sweet Violets
  4. The TWA Sisters
  5. Columbus Stockade
  6. Children at Play
  7. My Rocking Horse
  8. The Water Lily
  9. Locks and Bolts
  10. Little Rosewood Casket
  11. The Crack
  12. Sweet Fern
  13. Somebody's Lullabye


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